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Erma West's Journal - 1979

Jan 1, 1979 – Stayed home.

Jan 12, 79 – My sister Agnes’s birthday.

Jan 15, 79 – Mel called me, it was his birthday. He always does that on his day. He is such a good son.

Jan 17th – Phyllis took me to Watsons Beauty School and I got a haircut and a permanent. Sure felt better.

Jan 29, 79 – Pat called me today. It is always good to talk to her. She is such a pleasant person.

Jan 31st – Had a letter from Helen with a new quilt pattern.

Feb 1, 79 – Phyllis will pick me up this PM – as she is going shopping for draperys for one of the offices where she works. Will be glad to get out even tho it is cold and windy. Had a letter from Laurie – which I always enjoy.

Feb 2, 79 – Had a letter from Erminie, which made me happy along with a Valentine, so sweet and thoughtful of her. Mel called me in the AM and Chris called in the PM so I had a happy weekend.

Feb 4th – Phyllis didn’t drink today, made another happy day for me.

Feb 5, 79 – Had a busy day – washed clothes and other odd jobs.

Feb 6, 79 – We got 8 or 10” of snow after midnite.

Feb 7, 79 – Snowed all day, the sight is beautiful, the tall pines and all else covered with glistening snow.

Feb 8, 79 – Sun is shining this morning. I have written 2 letters and feel really lazy, sitting in my bedroom with the sun coming in so warm. Was only 26° at 6 AM.

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Feb 14, 1979 – This is Valentine day. I have been the appreciative receiver of three Valentines and a new mug for my postum from Phyllis.

Feb 18, 79 – Sunday it started to snow at 9:30 AM and snowed until 12 midnite, dumping about 12 inches on top of what we had – the worst since 1966 for Virginia.

Feb 19, 79 – Phyllis was home as she could not get out of her yard. I went out to feed the birds and sank over my knees in snow. I cut out a nightie for Phyllis – got it partly made – will finish it tomorrow.

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June 1st – Always rent day.

June 3rd – Brother Franks birthday

June 9th, 1979 – After spending 7 enjoyable months with Phyllis I am returning home today. Mel and Erminie met me – was good to be home, but lonesome. Called Phyllis. She too was lonesome.
Patricia came and cleaned my house, washed windows and vacuumed the carpet.

June 14th – My brother Bob’s birthday – he was a good brother.

July void

Aug 14th – Phyllis’s birthday – my sweet daughter.

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Sept 5, 1979 – Allied movers to give me an estimate on moving – $1,672.01.

Sept 7 – Lyon’s came to give me estimate $1,663.36.

Sept 19 – Went to dentist – no cavities again – “Lucky me”.

Sept 26 – Went to Releif Society dinner in eve.

Sept 27th – Went to Pat’s for dinner at 5:30 and to Renea’s baby shower at 7:30 PM.

Sept 29, 79 – Took a trip through the canyouns to view the fall colors – to the “Homestead” for dinner, with 43 other widows – enjoyed it only my heart acted up coming back.

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Oct 1, 1979 – I have started to pack to move to be with Phyllis. She wanted me to come. I have such mixed feelings and worry a lot and cry a lot – want to be with both of my children. Now they both say, I have to make up my own mind – as they don’t want to be responsible for me moving. I hate to give up my own home – and will never feel as independent in her home – even now since I gave Melvin my car I feel lost and have to depend on some one to take me places – they are always so busy. I hate to ask so I just stay home and cry some. I don’t really want to give my things away and leave Mel and Erminie. I feel that I am hurting Mel after he has tried to give me a home. The stairs and hills are so hard on my heart and no one realizes how much it hurts me at times.

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Oct 13, 79 – Pack – Pack – Pack – worry and crying. Chris picked up the twin bed and chest of drawers which were Mary’s – when she was here – also my wash machine and dryer.

Oct 15th – Pat took me to Standard Optical to have prescription filled, got the one lens only. I liked my own frames better than any they had.

Oct 18th – Pat’s for dinner.

Oct 19th – Took Patricia for lunch at the “Tiffin Room” at ZCMI – enjoyed being with her.

Oct 20th – Chris came and carried all my canned fruit from the basement and sealed the boxes.

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Oct 21, 1979 – Went to Church in P.M.

Oct 22nd – Mel took me to optical place at 9 AM to leave my glasses. In the P.M. my dear friend Patricia rolled my hair for me. She always goes the extra mile to do for others. Renea is still waiting for her baby.

Oct 24th – Chris and Kathy for dinner – Mel and Erminie are going also. She had such a yummy dinner. She is a good cook and housekeeper.

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Oct 28, 1979 – I baked 2 gooseberry pies. Chris came over in the P.M. for a couple of hours – after church. Mel and Erminie and Mr. Clawson stopped for pie.

Oct 29 – I got up at 5 AM, have packed a couple of boxes, it is such a job. I am afraid I am taking things we will not need – but hate to leave things. Pete called this morning. Renea is in the hospital so guess we will have a little one. Yes she did 8lb 12 oz boy – 21” and red hair. Nicholus James – Debi, Becci and I went to see him in the eve.

Oct 31st – Halloween – Renea came home. Baby is cute.

Nov 1st – Having TV fixed – packed a box. Lunch with Erminie. Dinner at Pats.

Nov 2nd – Having Mel and Erminie out to Seafood dinner.

Nov 3rd – Chris picked up washer and dryer and his lumber.

Nov 4th – Church.

Nov 5th – Movers to load.

Nov 6th – Clean and pack.

Nov 7th – 6 AM – leave for airport. Got to airport on time, had a 3 hour lay over in DC waiting for the Piedmont plane – arrived in Charlottesville at 7:10 PM. Still have mixed feelings about leaving my own home. I am afraid it will never be the same.

Nov 8th – I didn’t sleep well at nite, but slept all day until 4:30 PM with out waking. Phyllis got worried when she couldn’t get me on the phone, so came home from work. I had just gotten up.

Nov 15th – Movers came with my furniture. Almost wanted to tell them to take it back. But where? My apt was already taken. I have cried a great deal, I wish Mel had said, Mom don’t go. This isn’t going to feel like home.

Nov 18th – Had my first words with Phyllis. All the things that made my home, and I loved are being hidden away – some in the basement, some in my room in the cedar chest – just all over the house. I have made many long distant calls, haven’t anyone here to talk too. Some time Phyllis doesn’t have much to say. Some time I think that she (Page 38) wishes I hadn’t come, it’s a lonely life. I cry a lot and pray for “Heavenly Father” to help me face it all.

Dec 1, 1979 – We went grocery shopping and to Singer Sewing machine to learn how to work my machine, and to make button holes. Came home and Phyllis cleaned the den.

Dec 2, 1979 – This is Sunday morning. I hope that Phyllis will help me to hang the mirror over my dresser and my picture over my TV. I wake up with such headaches. I wish Dr Green was here or rather I was there to go and have my blood pressure checked. It was so handy in Holladay. I could walk over to his office – or to Safeway if I needed. I miss Patricia and our walks and visits – she is a super friend.

Dec 15th – Steve came by on his way home from his mission and stayed a couple of days. We enjoyed him. He is a good boy. He left Tuesday the 18th. On the 16th him and I went to Church – was nice. Monday the 17th we went to Monticello and stopped and had our dinner, (before we picked Phyllis up from work) at a unique place that use to be slave quarters. It was restored and rather nice. All the fryed chicken you could eat.

Dec 23rd – Went to Church. A lady picked me up – nothing else exciting – a nice Christmas program.

Dec 28th – Our first snow storm, ended up with 12”, it was pretty but we were snowed in.

Dec 30th – No Church – Phyllis shoveled snow from her driveway, so she could go to work Monday. Finally had to pay to finish the job, was worth it as that was too hard for her.

Dec 25th – Christmas day – Charlie and Angela and children came by for a couple hours in the PM. After that we went to Angela’s mothers place in Gordonsville for 6 PM dinner. I didn’t know anyone, so felt a little out of place as they were drinking, before dinner, and I didn’t. Anyway it was nice. In the morning Phyllis baked a turkey and I made a pumpkin desert – so we would (Page 39) have something to eat when we were at home. It ended up in 12 TV dinners afterwards. We did not put up a tree, just my little tree that Esther made for me – and some decorations. Talked to Mel and Erminie and Chris at home. Made me so homesick.

Dec 26th – The lense fell out of my glasses and broke so had to send them to Utah to have new ones made.

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Comments about Grandma's Journal

I've debated about publishing more.  I don't know if anyone reads this.  The journal is now more of a day to day account.  Most of the entries are short so it doesn't take long to read.  You can sense how lonely people can get as they get older and don't have as many friends around.  I have tried to type it as Grandma wrote it.  I usually did not correct the spelling.  The journal ends on Jan 9th, 1989 on page 107.  This entry contains pages 20 through 34.  So you can see there is a lot more.  You can read everything published so far in the tab under the blog heading labeled Erma West's Journal.

Erma West's Journal - 1978

Jan 1, 1978 – Went to Church, had dinner with Mel and Erminie, other wise it was a quiet day.

Jan 3rd – Took my jacket that I got for Christmas back. Couldn’t get another one, will wait for others to come in.

Jan 10th – Went to Dr. Morrision’s. Nothing wrong with my sinus or ears. Went to visit Pat, she was feeling very blue.

Jan 11th – Went with Laurie shopping. We had a very enjoyable time.

March 30, 1978 – I left for California – to visit friends and relatives – stayed 3 weeks. Came home April 20th. I had the most enjoyable time while there. It was so good to visit old friends, that are really true friend.

April – Have been quilting a baby quilt and crocheting and afghan – along with old jobs.

May 7th – Feel lousy, some sort of bug, didn’t go to church – just rested – had company in the eve, in and out.

May 8th – Erminie and I –

May 23rd, 1978 – I have coughed for 3 weeks until I am exhausted – mentioned going to Dr. – all he would do is take my money – and do nothing. Erminie said to take cayenne pepper and honey. I will try that, have exhausted everything else.

(Page 21) Want to go to P.O. and Safeway and bank and finish Erminie’s dress today. Erminie said she would go with me after Relief Society.

May 24, 1978 – A lost day – I have been in bed all day and haven’t eaten, just want to sleep.

May 25th – Felt some better, went with Erminie to Lindgrens nursery for some plants. Still want to sleep.

May 26th – Got hair done at 8:30 AM. Will go with Laurie in the eve to hear a concert. I enjoyed it but felt rather miserable all eve.

May 30, 1978 – Went to Dr. for cough. He checked my lungs 180 and blood pressure – took a throat culture, gave me a shot and prescription for cough medicine.

May 31 – I felt much better but had to go to Dr again. Throat culture showed my own bacteria that kept me from getting well. Gave me another shot, checked lungs again and blood pressure down 140. Have to back Friday 10:45 AM.

June 1978 – Felt better, not coughing as much.

June 3rd – Today would have [been] my brother Franks birthday.

June 6th 78 – This morning got my hair done – and did Pete and Renee’s washing. I feel much better. This is the sickest I have been [since] hemorrhoid surgery.

7th – This is the big day for Pete and Renee. Their wedding day. I went to the temple to watch them take pictures. I couldn’t go in to see them get married. Went to breakfast. Got home at 2:45 PM. Rested one hour then got dressed for the reception – left and 5:30 PM. I didn’t stay all eve – came home with the Philipoons all exhausted and dropped into bed.

8th – I can’t seem to get enough sleep. Had Mel and children to dinner.

9th – Did Pete and Renee’s washing and had Mel and children to dinner again.

10th – I worked in yard AM and in the house P.M. Pete and Renee left for California. Mel and children for dinner and went to airport to get Erminie and Debi.

11th – Stayed home most day. Well go to Sacrament this P.M.

(Page 22) Went to L.D.S. Hospital
13th – Had pictures taken of heart – in so doing my heart stopped and I had to be revived.

14th – Came home – no plp –

15th – Phyllis called to see how I was

16th Phyllis called again to tell me Sallie had a boy – 10lbs 3oz- David Benjamin.

July 19th – Going to Dr. for report. They will treat my heart with medication and I have to loose 25 lbs.

July 20th – Went with Laura Dilts shopping to Pykettes factory and she took me to lunch.

21st – Got my hair cut and set, then went to the Cottonwood Mall – bought 5 skirts and a vest, a good buy.

24th – Laura and I left for Cedar City for the Shakespearian Festival. Stopped in Filmore for the night – had a nice motel.

25th – Had breakfast and on to Cedar City, arriving about 11:30 AM. Got a motel at Track Lodge and rested, took a walk and in the P.M. went to the College for a seminar. It rained, went to show “Midnite Summers Dream”. Got home 11:30 PM.

26th – Had breakfast and lunch – 11:30 AM . Went to see real estate man for Laura – took in the matinee “Scandels” in the PM, dinner at 5:30 PM, back to motel 12 midnite. It rained and hailed.

27th – Breakfast 11 AM, looked around, went to real estate man again, took pictures on college grounds, rode up the canyon, came back to motel, cleaned up, had dinner – then to the festival to see preview and “Othello”. Rained again, hod to move inside – when it quit we moved to the outdoor theatre again – got to motel 12”30 AM.

28th – Left for home 8 AM – made three stops, had breakfast in Beaver, got home about 2 PM. We had such a marvelous time.

(Page 23.1) July 29, 1978 – Saturday – I felt lost after being with Laurie for 5 days, so just did a few things, not so much.

30th – Sunday did not go to Sunday School, will go to Sacrament this P.M.

Aug 1, 78 – Get tires at 9 AM – will go with Erminie and her mother to Pykettes for blouses or what ever –

Chris and Kathy came over to get my car to use tomorrow.

2nd – Washed my hair – Walked up to have Erminie roll it. Made 3 pints apricot nectar to go in freezer. Wrote to Becci – had a letter from Donna. Repotted violets –

3rd – Went to market – groceries are so high.

4th – Laurie and I went Visiting Teaching – got 3 at home.

5th – Raked yard and trimmed the willow tree. It done me up, guess I won’t be able to do it any more.

6th – Went to church. Fixed Peter’s pants. The folks came in late P.M. for visit and piece of pie.

7th – Finished Visiting Teaching. Mailed Phyllis birthday package. Altered Peter’s pants.

8th – Went to Relief Society, didn’t stay for work shop. Visited Pat and Erminie. Went to Doctors office, then to Safeway and home.

9th – Altered Peter’s pants. Mended my ?, not much else. Had a letter from Helen.

10th – Wrote to Becci, made jam, picked a collander of peachers, did my house work. Got letter from Edna and Lela.

11th – Laurie picked me up, took me to lunch then to Pykettes. I bought a pair of navy pants and a blouse. We also stopped at Engh’s and browsed, last night. I did some yard work. Had a letter from Ethel.

12th – Got up this morning and worked in the yard. Washed 2 loads of clothes – vacuumed. Debi brought my frozen food. I got it sorted and put away.

13th – Sunday – rained at last. Went with Laurie, we had lunch at Jacob Mills. Sacrament 4 PM. My leg pains.

(Date: Aug 14, 1978, Page 23.2) Phyllis birthday – the gift I sent her did not fit. She gave it to Sallie – made me feel bad and taught me a lesson – not to buy clothes for her.

Mel called her – made me happy. I called her in the eve. Sallie and Andy were getting ready to leave.

My leg pained all day – it is almost unbearable.

15th – My leg is better. I am so glad.

16th – Went to Dr – good report, stopped at Safeway for groceries. When I got home was putting the groceries away. Buttercup flew on my shoulder, I didn’t know it. I opened the door. It scared her and she flew out. I was so sick, I hunted for her all the rest of the day and came near having a heart attack. Pat saw her in the orchard.

17th – Hunted for Buttercup all day. Walked until my legs hurt. Poor thing it was a cold night, I am afraid she is gone.

18th – Still looked for her all day, haven’t seen her. I keep calling her. I think she would come to me, she was such a baby and wanted to be on me all the time. I feel so sad for her. The house seems so empty.

19th – I have looked for Buttercup with a heavy heart. Baked some ‘Calif Rangers’ cookies.

Picked a kettle of gooseberrys at Pats.

20th – Didn’t go to Sunday School, just didn’t feel like going. Will go with Laurie to the gladiolus show at Sugar House Park and to Sacrament to night. Phyllis called. We talked a long time. Made jello for a treat after sacrament for the folks.

21st – Mel and Erminie and 3 children went to Zion Park. Will be back Saturday.

22nd – Went with Debbie to Pykettes to get some clothes. Shorted her pants. I bought a pair too.

23rd – Took Pat to Doctor. Picked gooseberrys, went to Safeway. A week ago today Buttercup flew away. I miss her chatter.

Aug 24, 78 – Lauries son-in-law came in the P.M. to her place and gave her a terrible tongue lashing. She really was afraid of what he might do. Pat called from hospital at 6:25 P.M. She had a baby, 8 lb 11 oz, Michael Joseph, born Aug 23rd 1978.

(Page 24) I went to see Debbie and Dan. I called and knocked but she did not answer. I walked around to the front. Dan came out and was scattering some peat moss on the yard. Debi was inside with a friend. Chris and Kathy came by on their way to Zion Park. I made some rhubarb and strawberry jam – stemmed to freeze. I made a pot stew and froze 2 pints. The freezer is still working. I miss Buttercup so much.

25th – Went to Dorothy’s to get my hair done. Talked to Pat. Laurie came over, we went to the mall. Picked up Mel and Erminie’s mail. I called again – no answer. Rabbit was in the garage.

26th – I still feel lost this morning, called Ann in Anaheim and Laurie. Washed Buttercups cage and put it away. Cleaned entrance hall. Picked produce in garden. Walked up and got Mel’s mail. Took a few minute snooze. Came upstairs and got cleaned up.

27th Sunday – Went to see Pats cute fat baby at 1 P.M. Michael. Went to sacrament in P.M. Chris and Kathy were over for a few minutes. Pete and Renea came this evening.

29th – Laurie and I went to see the model homes in Sandy.

30th – Washed curtains and windows in two bedrooms. Will go browsing with Laurie in P.M. Walked over to Mel and Erminie’s in the evening – their wedding anniversary.

31st – Washed more windows and curtains in A.M. Went with Laurie in P.M. browsing and shopping. Got Lauries birthday gift and groceries.

(Page 25)
Sept 1, 1978 – Laurie’s birthday. Will wash dining room windows, then go shopping with Laura in the P.M.

2nd – Laura and I went to Sears in the A.M. She ordered the woven wood blinds and table and chairs. In P.M. Chris came over and we took my car to American Motors to be fixed.

3rd – Was lazy, didn’t get up until 7 A.M., made a chocolate pie. Phyllis called me – made me happy. I must make up my mind to go see her.

4th – Went with the folks to Anaconda mines to see Chris on Miners day. Was glad to get home was so hot. Hellen called me in A.M. Not sure when she will come.

5th – Laurie and I went to Pykettes and by Spartan to see about my car. I bought 3 ? pants, 2 blouses, 1 jacket for $2.00 each.

6th – Went with Laurie to Sears – bought 2 ivy plants, then to Pykettes – bought a blouse and pants for Pat, then to Spartans and picked up my car. $36.02 – hope it runs. Another hot day.

7th – Went to Skaggs for blood pressure pills and a few other items – to Safeway for grocerys and home. In P.M. – to Lauries for a little while and home again. Rested – got my dinner and made some strawberry and peach jam.

8th – Tasted jam when I put Mel’s lunch up and it tasted sugary. Laurie and I went to visit Pat. We each took her a pair of pants and a blouse. She seemed so please. I am happy that we did that instead of taking a baby gift. After I came home I took a nap. Laurie called me twice. Now I will put my dinner on to cook and polish some of my furniture. This morning I swept my patio and driveway and garage. I can’t stand the dirt etc. and vacuumed the downstairs. This eve Mel came down shile picking pears. I went up and helped him. I really enjoy visiting with him. Came home. (Page 26) Laurie called me to tell me her good news. She heard from Jerry Turner, her attorney, about the conversation he had with her son-in-law Gil. Watched a show on TV “Something for Joey” a boy with leukemia. Guess I will go to bed now. Has been a long day.

9th – I vacuumed upstairs and mopped floors up and downstairs.

10th – Picked tomatoes and cucumbers in Mel’s garden – AM. Sunday – Went to sacrament in the PM. We had cake and tea. Mel seemed to think I was going to the devil because I picked cukes & tomatoes on Sunday. I went to bed – at 8 PM. Chris called at 10 PM. They had been here and I didn’t here them.

Sept 14th, 1978 – Mel came by and got his lunch. Am putting the finishing touches on the house, before Helen comes this P.M. Ester called this morning. I was happy to here from her and that she was off her crutches.

15th – Helen and I waited at home for her suitcase, which was lost on the plane. After that we went to the Greek Festival and the yardage store and Grand Central – came home to rest than to Safeway – had dinner and listened to the speech of President Kimball.

17th – Helen and I stayed home. P.M. we went to the mall.

18th – Snow greeted us Monday morning. Laurie took Helen and I to see the flower arrangements. Then Helen and I went to the mall to browse – also we put the quilt together ready to quilt. I picked the ripe tomatoes and covered some so they wouldn’t freeze.

19th – Frost all over – good thing we covered some of the tomatoes.

20th – Laurie took Helen and I to the Mormon Handicraft. The quilts were beautiful. Helen bought enough fabric for her and I each a quilt.

(Page 27th)
Sept 21, 78 – Erminie and I took Helen to her friend Verna in Sunset. She treated us to lunch at the Country Fair.

22nd – Furnace man put in a new furnace for me – good not to have to use the oven for heat.

23rd –

24th – I went to Sunday School and Sacrament.

25th Mon – Laurie and I went to the mall. I got yogurt starter so I can set yougurt for Mel’s lunches. I also got yarn for a “Burgelo” pillow – finished Mel’s shirts and have quilted some on my block for a pillow.

Sept 26, 78 – Erminie, Mel, Cindy and baby came by. Went to Relief Society then with Laurie to Mormon Art Craft to get more material for my quilt. Then to ZCMI to the Tiffany Room for lunch and to browse. I bought 2 baskets.

27th – Picked grapes, strawberrys and prunes. Put prunes in oven to dry, but I think they are not ripe enough. Took care of Cindy’s baby for a couple hours. Laurie came by.

28th Thurs – Went back to bed for an hour as I didn’t sleep well last night. Am going to work on my quilt block this A.M. Went with Laurie in the P.M.

29th Fri – Washed bedding this morning. Machine bumped around. I tried to push it back and I think I had an angina my heart hurt so bad. I haven’t hardly been able to come upstairs all day without pain. Helen called me this morning. I was so happy to hear from her. Laurie also called. She is such a good friend. I called Erminie to see if she still wanted to go to Pykettes. She said no as she has to drop papers this P.M.

30th Sat – Not too exciting of a day. I vacuumed the downstairs, did some quilting on my block.
Erminie, Renea and Cindy and Peter came over in the eve to watch TV. I listened some to the conference. Went to Dorothy’s and got a permanent.

(Page 28)
Oct 1, 1978 Sunday – A very quiet day. Haven’t heard from any one here. Phyllis called me, and I called Helen. I baked 2 pumpkin pies and swept the crabapples on the driveway. Listened to the conference this AM and read the Sunday paper.

Oct 2 – Went with Erminie and Cindy to house hunt. Found one near Trolly Square. Canned 4 pts tomatoes in AM. Not much else. Laurie came over a few minutes to show me her quilt block.

3rd – It is a beautiful day. Went to Relief Society.

4th – Made jam.

5 – 6 – 7 – void

8th – Sunday – Sacrament – Had lunch with Mel and Erminie.

10th – Relief Society – We quilted and had a nice lunch.

9th – Columbus day – Made apple sauce and dried apples and numerous other jobs.

11th – Made some jam. Fixed Peter’s robe. Walked up to Mel’s to get yogurt cups. Mel has a cold.

12th – Set yogurt. Wrote to Ed and Lucille and will quilt blocks.

13th Fri – Had hair done 7:30 AM. Went to visit Erminie, Pat and Renea. No one home.

14th Sat – Went to Skaggs – and finished the stars for my quilt. Made 2 apricot and peach pies.

15th Sun – Went to Sacrament. Mel, Erminie, Pete and Renea and Brook and Cindy came over. We had pie. Angela is getting to be a cute baby. I gave them Mary’s melmac dishes. I talked to Ray and Vernetta also to Helen. Chris called me in the eve which made my day.

16th Mon – Today is Heidi’s birthday. Pat came over to visit AM.

17 – 18 – 19 – void

20th Fri – Washed my hair and had Erminie roll it. Did some cleaning and baking.

21st Sat – Ray and Vernetta came. Parked their trailer in my front yard. Ray helped Mel enclose his green house.

22nd Sat (Sun) – Stayed home and relaxed and visited. Vernetta’s niece came later.

23rd Sun (Mon) – Ray, Vernetta and I went to Fashion Place to browse and had lunch at Chuck a Rama.

(Page 29)
Oct 24, 1978 – Erminie took us to Visitors Center and other places. We picked Mel up to go to lunch with us. Laurie left for Calif.

25th – Ray and Vernetta and I went to Cottonwood Mall and browsed and Ray took us to “Coachmans” for lunch.

26th – Ray and Vernetta left today. I am going to miss them so much. They are so close to me – like my own family.

27th – Went with Erminie to Cottonwood Mall, she had shopping to do. And I got some moth crystals to sprinkle on the lawn to keep the dogs away. Worked on my pillow and took a nap in P.M. Mel took my car to work, so I got to visit with him a few minutes when he returned.

28th – Washed my hair and went to Erminie’s to roll it. A lovely day. Pat came over in the P.M.

29th Sun – I stayed home – no church. Kathy called to say she had heard from Chris – from Ireland. He is coming home Monday eve. Mel and Erminie were over for pie. Later M & E and I went to Brook’s place.

30th Mon – Wrote to Becci’s is answer to her letter of which I will jot down and my feelings – here it is –
Grandma I have been wonderful lately – Have you thought any more about going through the Temple and taking your endowments. I would really love to be able to go through with you when I come home. I don’t want you to think I am pushy or anything. It’s just I love you and want to be with you for eternity. Thanks for being the person you are. It has helped me a lot with some of the decisions I have made in my life. (my answer) Becci I appreciate your concern. There are a few people that should be concerned while we live, if they aren’t I don’t think they would be in eternity either. I haven’t given it much thought and may never go to the temple. I have had many lonely days and nights and no one seems to care now since I have gotten older and some what disabled. When I need love and comfort so why would they in the hereafter. Things don’t change that much. I do love you Becci.

Oct 31, 1978 Tues – Today is Halloween and also Relief Society. Guess I will go there for a while. Just to get out. Went with Erminie to pick up papers in the P.M. Also to Safeway.

Nov 1st 1978 Wed – Swept some leaves. Peeled apples and made 4 pints sauce. And some prunes I had in the frig need attention, so I cooked them too – and made 2 pints of sauce. Worked some on my “Bargelo”. Took a nap and watched TV after dinner.

Tues (Thurs) 2nd – Have been lazy this morning. After putting up Mel’s lunch, read the paper, watched “Today” and “Good Morning America” on TV, took a nap, did dishes, took some berrys from the freezer to make jam. Later when I got them ready to put the pectin, sugar in and did not have enough sugar. It has rained all day and it is such a lonely, gloomy day.

Tues (Fri) 3rd – Got up at 5”45 AM. Put up Mel’s lunch, read the paper, did dishes, made bed, dressed and went to Safeway to get sugar and made 6 pts of black raspberry jam. Cleaned the kitchen. Alicia and Joey came down. When they went home, I took a nap. And here they came again. Erminie called to see if I wanted to go along to pick up their new van. Laura will be home this eve. The van wasn’t ready so we did not go. Laurie called me about 9:30 P.M. when she got home.

Sat 4th – Went up and had Erminie roll my hair. Came home when it was dry, I went to the mall to get some Anacins. Looked for shoes , no luck. When I got home Rosemarie and Eric were here raking my lawn. I helped them then Pat came and helped them to finish up. Chris came over and moved the things in my storage room and put my patio table and benched in there. Also my garden hose. I really appreciate him and his thoughtfulness. Tonite I feel so sick, I don’t know what will happen. I hope that I will last to go to my dear daughters – “Please Lord”.

(Page 31)
Nov 5, 1978 Sunday – Not too good. Will stay home this morning and try to go to sacrament if I can. Mel and Erminie stopped after Sunday School a few minutes. Mel read the paper, didn’t say a word, only grumbled because I didn’t go to Sunday School. He doesn’t know how I feel. After they left, I went upstairs and had another spell with my heart. I wonder if this high altitude has something to bring it on. Pete and Renea came over this eve. She brought cookie dough to bake. They almost all burned in 7 min. I felt bad about it.

Mon 6th – I wrote 2 letters, did dishes. Alicia came over. Then Joey came after her. I am going to dress and go to the bank. I keep thinking that Renea must have put her cookies on the bottom grate, that is why they burned. Went with Erminie to Safeway and later with Laurie to Harmons and Dans. Pat stopped by a few minutes with Michael.

Tues 9th (7th) – Today is election day. The polls are at Mel’s place. Will go there later to vote.

Wed 8th – Faye Richens (Avon lady) was here. I ordered a pair of earrings for Phyllis for Christmas. Went with Erminie to the post office and over to Dee’s for a snack. Went with her to deliver her route. Laurie called when I got home. We won’t go visiting teaching in the morning. She is going with her other friend Joyce again. Looks like I am loosing her as a friend. I guess it’s a good thing that I am going to Phyllis’s.

Thur 9th – It started snowing about 6 P.M. Now at 9 PM the ground is rather white. I finished the “Bargelo” for Esther’s birthday. When I get to Phyllis I will get some wory(?) velour for the back. Then send it for her birthday Dec 17th. Talked to Helen this morning. She is such a good friend. We have been friends since 1940. She said she would call me every other week when I get to Virginia. She has money and it doesn’t make any difference to her that I am poor. I am afraid it does to some people.

Fri 10th – I looked out my window at a blanket of white snow to great me. Had quite a day, baked cookies and knitted on booties. Peter shoveled my driveway. Mel called after they got home from the church party and dance, made me feel good.

(Page 32)
Nov 11th, 1978 – I had a bad night. Didn’t sleep until after 3 o’clock. Phyllis called at 6:30 AM. Have washed my hair, am vacuuming the carpet – waiting for Erminie to come down to roll it.

Sun 12th – A cold morning. I went out and shoveled some snow from my patio and walk. Found my paper in my mail box. Came in had breakfast and made a cherry pie. Mel and Erminie stopped by in the P.M. a few minutes.

Mon 13th – Went with Erminie to K-Mart and Skaggs to get my medication to take along.

Tues 14th – It is so cold, the only time I have been warm is when I was upstairs ironing. Still do not have my plane ticket – makes me nervous.

Wed 15th – Am going to Dr. this morning. Tried to get my car up the driveway. It was impossible.. So had to call Erminie to take me. Dr. said I was doing O.K. Just don’t push your luck. You know what you have to live with. Erminie and I went to Pykettes and to Pennys. I got two Christmas gifts and she got some clothes and a vacuum cleaner.

Thurs 16th – Sun is shining this morning. I hope that it melts the snow so I can get out with my car. Mrs. Phillipoon was over to do her visiting teaching. I made a batch of muffins. Erminie bought some laundry over for me to wash. Her machine is out. They are getting a new one Friday. I have my Christmas gifts all wrapped so far.

Fri 17th – Erminie took me to Dorthy’s this morning to get my hair cut and set. When I got home I layed down and slept from 11:30 A:M top 1:30 PM. Have been fighting not to get the flu –which seems to be going around and I have been feeling icky.

Sat 18th – I feel good this morning, am at a loss what to do. Could use some help. Will try to put some plastic on the windows. Do some wash this evening, go to mall around 1 PM to get a gift for Mel. Water all of my plants. Baked cookies – 4 PM. I need to rest. Went to mall to get some Christmas gifts – all wrapped. I keep trying to get a sore throat.

(Page 33)
Sun 19th Nov 1978 – I baked 2 pumpkin pies, in case some one comes. A gloomy day, 12:30 PM and the sun just peeked out a bit. A little wind, maybe the snow will melt so Mel can get my car up the driveway. I called up there. Debbie said M&E were both in bed asleep – not feeling too good – some sort of flu going around. I still keep trying to get a sore throat. I hope M&E will be OK in the morning to take me to the airport – my fingers xxx. Laurie came over. Bishop Sims came over. Pete and Renea came in the evening. Mel and Erminie came in the PM. Mel shoveled the driveway. Chris called in the eve. I knew he would. Also Pat called – goodnite.

Mon 20th – This is the day 5:30 AM and I am already dressed. Didn’t sleep too much. My plane leaves at 8:25 AM. Dear Lord watch over all of us – that we might have a safe trip – Amen –

Arrived in Charlottesville, Virginia at 7:17 PM. Phyllis was there to meet me. Was so good to see her. We waited for my luggage, but it didn’t come – they had put it off in Chicago, so I didn’t get it until next day.

Thanksgiving day – Was a joyous time – Charlie, Angela and children came over on Wed nite and stayed until Friday morning when they went over to Angela’s mothers. We baked a turkey with all the trimmings. It was a treat. Had ove half of it left, wich we carved and put into packages the next day for the freezer.

Dec 24th – Mel and Erminie called in the PM. Was good to hear from them.

(Page 34)
Dec 25, 1978 – Christmas day we stayed home and did not go to Beth’s for dinner. I had a bad nose bleed and didn’t feel good and Phyllis wouldn’t go without me. Guess I spoiled her Christmas. Charlie and Angel and children came over at 12:30 PM than left for her mothers for dinner there.

26th – I had another nose bleed. I was glad that Phyllis was home. After an hour of hemorrhaging, she took me to the Dr. – got an emergency appointment. I flooded a full bath towel just going over there. He finally got it stopped by cortesizing it.

31st – Chris and Kathy called. They are so thoughtful. I love them both.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Erma West's Journal - Rest of 1977

Aug 29, 1977 – I have had a busy summer. My garden grew well and produced abundantly, have done a lot of canning and freezing of veg and fruit. (Page 18) Harry and Loretta Newman came from Minnesota for a visit - were here a couple days. Weather was bad so we didn’t do much. They left for California and Oregon and stopped again for a couple days on their way home. I enjoyed them, nothing like some of you own family.

June 1977 – Sallie, Andy and children came for only an overnight visit – much too short.

May 9, 1977 – Mel and Erminie took a much needed vacation to Jerusalem – returning the 29th.

Jan 15, 1975 – On Melvin’s birthday he baptized me into the Mormon religion.

Aug 14, 1977 – Today is Phyllis’ birthday – talked to her on the phone today. I also started to learn “Tole” painting. I really love it and hope I can make s success of it.

9-21-77 – Tole painting lesson. We painted strawberrys – almost made you hungry for some. This eve we go to genealogy class at the library. I wish I could learn it but seems that I am just groping in the dark.

10-1-77 – Conference started today. I listened to it in the AM, and did my housework between, and in the PM. Went shopping with Laurie in the eve. I covered my tomatoes to keep them from freezing – also flowers. Made yogurt for Mel’s lunches and baked cookies.

Oct 1977 – Two of my good friends from California came to visit me – Donna Koontz from Santa Monica and Bella from Huntington Park. Donna stayed 8 days, Bella only 2 days. (Page 19) I enjoyed them so much. Donna is the one that Angie lived with and Bella was my neighbor when I left California. Both such dear friends.

I hope to go to California for a visit after the holidays.

11-77 – Peter called from Northern California where he was on a mission, was good to hear him.

Nov 24, 1977 – Thanksgiving was spent with Melvin & Erminie and family. I baked 3 pumpkin pies and Erminie baked the turkey and other things. It was all enjoyed.

Nov 25, 1977 – Last nite it rained again. I don’t mind the rain but snow and wind stay away.

I am sewing some today. Not much in the mood. When a person is lonesome, you don’t feel like doing too much, especially when your legs pain so much. Since thanksgiving is over our thoughts turn to Christmas, the birth of our “Savior”. It has gotten so commercialized that it has almost lost the real meaning. When I was a little girl, we hung our stockings and got an orange, some nuts and candy and one small gift. It was such a treat, we all looked forward to it. Now it has gotten to be a real burden. Everyone spends beyond their means and it is becoming a dreaded burden.

Nov 27, 9177 – Sunday I went to Sunday School. In the P.M. it was raining so I stayed home. Chris & Kathy came by. We had some pumpkin pie, then we went over to the folks – Becci’s birthday. We had ice cream and cake.

Nov 28th – Laurie and I went visiting teaching, only 2 were home. Went to the mall and home.

Dec 12, 1977 – Becci left for Provo Mission Home for a couple of months before leaving for Monterey Mexico on her mission.

Dec 17th – Took Steve to mission home, he will be gone 2 years. He left for Louisiana. We went to airport to see him off.

Dec 20 – I baked 22 dozen cookies for Erminie and for (Dec 21) an open house for Book & Cindy – quite well attended.

Dec 26th – Christmas is over for another year. Sometime I wonder if we will all be here next Christmas – Am going to start (Page 20) making gifts for next Christmas and birthdays.

Dec 27, 1977 – Today we will take Brook and Cindy to the airport, on their way to Japan – for 4 or 5 years. Also will send stand to Phyllis which she has been begging for. Another year almost gone – makes us another year older.

Dec 30th – Made an appointment with Dr. Morrison for Jan 10th 1978 – for my eyes, sinus and dizzy spells.

Dec 31st – Cleaned house, wrote a couple letters and took a nap. Would like to go see Phyllis sometime, wonder if I ever can again.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Erma West's Journal - About 40 years later

Mary finally left her husband and moved to my place April 29, 1974.

Mary my sister and I moved to 2611 Wren Rd, Holladay, Utah to be near my son Melvin and family.

June 20, 1974 almost two months later my sister died. She was buried in Marysville, California near my brother Frank. Phyllis came the day before she died. Mel, Phyllis and I drove to California where she was buried. That left me alone again, which has been very lonely. I miss her and all of my friends in California. I feel so alone here – not knowing anyone. I go up to Mel’s every day, but they are too busy to come down very much.

Patricia Sonntag is the only real friend I have here. In Feb 1975 I went to California for a couple of weeks to visit my friends and Nephew and family in Anaheim. Rosalie was in the Rio Hondo Convalescent Home. We had been friends since 1936 when we worked at Sears on Vermont and Slauson L.A. She died in Feb 1976. I miss her greatly. While I was living in Huntington Park, I use to go see her real often, do things for her and take her places, before she had to go to the home. She was nearly blind.

Angie Davis, my dear friend, was 103 Sept 9, 1975 when I was in L.A. – she was my landlady in 1927.

In Sept 7, 1975 I went to Phyllis’s in Virginia – stayed with her 3 months – came back home after Thanksgiving. It had snowed and was so cold, I was snowed in so much, and hated it here.

That winter I fell backward off the bathtub, injuring my tail bone – and suffered for two or three months, before that healed. (Page 17) I fell on the ice on my driveway and cracked my head – which I can still feel in Oct 1976.

In March 1976 I made another trip to California to see Angie and Donna Koontz in Santa Monica and other friends in Huntington Park – also Ann and Bob in Anaheim. Angie passed away Aug 28, 1976. She would have been 104 Sept 9th. There have been about 7 of my friends gone since I moved from there – H.P. [Huntington Park].

Sept 3, 1976 I made a trip to Iowa and Minnesota to visit my 3 nephews – the Newman boys. Also stayed overnight in Sioux Falls, So. Dakota with Jean and Paul Kogel. I have had a very busy summer helping in the garden, this fall canning fruit and vegetables, and drying some. Fall of 1976 I met Laura Delts. She has turned out to be a very good friend. I enjoy her very much.

Dec 11, 1976 I flew to my dear daughter’s home in Charlottesville, Virginia to spend three months with her. It turned into four months and very enjoyable. I did hate so much to leave her, as she was alone and I worry about her very much. We were snowed in during the winter, but I kept busy sewing and making quilts for Phyllis. We bought a lot of wood to keep the fireplace going to keep warm.

The last of March and first of April we planted strawberrys and a vegetable garden – which were growing nicely when I left – April 10th 1977 on Easter to come home to a cold bleak weather, nothing green or blooming like it was in Virginia, the dogwood and all the other trees were blooming. I have now planted garden and flowers. They are growing nicely, makes it fell like spring.

May 3, 1977 was my 78th birthday. I received a number of cards and letters from friends, a card and note file from Pat, a plant from Laura, a $10 check from Ester, a phone call from Phyllis and $15.00, a happy birthday wish from Mel and dinner with cake and ice cream with Mel, Erminie, Debi, Steve, Dan, and Debi’s children.

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Dad goes for a ride


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Erma West's Journal - Post 10 - Phyllis to California

The winter of 1919 when the influenza was so bad so many people died. Elmer got it and had pneumonia. We got a nurse that stayed at the house, Dr. Templeton took Melvin then a baby into town to Uncle Charley’s and Aunt Ada’s home to take care of him so he wouldn’t get it. He did but they didn’t tell me at the time until later. As I was pregnant with Phyllis – everybody thought it was me, why the nurse was there for as so many pregnant women were dying.

That spring we moved to the Personus farm which was about 4 miles from there – into a 2 bedroom home which we needed as that summer Aug 14, 1919 our second baby was born. Arlene Phyllis West weighed 8 ½ lbs, she was a chubby happy baby. (Page 15) Dr Kidd delivered her. We lived on the Personus farm about 5 or 6 yrs. Oe’s, Dankeys and Neilsons and Tollefsons were our neighbors. One year we made hay with the Oe’s. We would pack our lunch and stay all day – as it was quite a jaunt from home. We took the 2 babies with us. We had a black horse named “Casey” which I rode a good deal – and fell off a few times , as he would shy when something scared him like a piece of paper or a dog would just [jump] out of the ditch or weeds.

In the winter Oe’s use to get together evenings once a week and play cards. The losing side had to furnish the oyster stew for refreshments. From there we moved to the Davis farm, 4 miles south of Woonsocket – still in the same neighborhood. Melvin and Phyllis went to school 1 mile distance to walk. Only, when it was snowing too hard their dad would take them in the bob sled. Melvin got measles and was real sick. I got them from him also was real sick. Phyllis had them very light.

I went to Marathon, Iowa one winter taking the children with me to visit the Newman family. Was there 2 weeks. I enjoyed her so much and the boys enjoyed Melvin and Phyllis.

A few years later Agnes died. She had a heart attack right in the Doctors office and dropped dead. She just worked too hard. They were in the midst of moving – from one farm to another. That was in March.

When the drought and dust storms hit the Dakotas we had an auction sale and went to Los Angeles – where my brother Frank and family were also. Mary and Ed and cousin Margaret and Joe. My brother Robert went just before we did.

Elmer worked in the oil field for a while then he got a job with Bekins Van and Storage where he worked (Page16) for a number of years.

In the summer time – Frank and Cynthia – Mary and Ed – Margaret and Joe and Harold Svoboda (cousins) use to rent a cabin at Seal Beach and stayed to swim over week ends or holidays – it was fun.