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Erma West's Journal - 1979

Jan 1, 1979 – Stayed home.

Jan 12, 79 – My sister Agnes’s birthday.

Jan 15, 79 – Mel called me, it was his birthday. He always does that on his day. He is such a good son.

Jan 17th – Phyllis took me to Watsons Beauty School and I got a haircut and a permanent. Sure felt better.

Jan 29, 79 – Pat called me today. It is always good to talk to her. She is such a pleasant person.

Jan 31st – Had a letter from Helen with a new quilt pattern.

Feb 1, 79 – Phyllis will pick me up this PM – as she is going shopping for draperys for one of the offices where she works. Will be glad to get out even tho it is cold and windy. Had a letter from Laurie – which I always enjoy.

Feb 2, 79 – Had a letter from Erminie, which made me happy along with a Valentine, so sweet and thoughtful of her. Mel called me in the AM and Chris called in the PM so I had a happy weekend.

Feb 4th – Phyllis didn’t drink today, made another happy day for me.

Feb 5, 79 – Had a busy day – washed clothes and other odd jobs.

Feb 6, 79 – We got 8 or 10” of snow after midnite.

Feb 7, 79 – Snowed all day, the sight is beautiful, the tall pines and all else covered with glistening snow.

Feb 8, 79 – Sun is shining this morning. I have written 2 letters and feel really lazy, sitting in my bedroom with the sun coming in so warm. Was only 26° at 6 AM.

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Feb 14, 1979 – This is Valentine day. I have been the appreciative receiver of three Valentines and a new mug for my postum from Phyllis.

Feb 18, 79 – Sunday it started to snow at 9:30 AM and snowed until 12 midnite, dumping about 12 inches on top of what we had – the worst since 1966 for Virginia.

Feb 19, 79 – Phyllis was home as she could not get out of her yard. I went out to feed the birds and sank over my knees in snow. I cut out a nightie for Phyllis – got it partly made – will finish it tomorrow.

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June 1st – Always rent day.

June 3rd – Brother Franks birthday

June 9th, 1979 – After spending 7 enjoyable months with Phyllis I am returning home today. Mel and Erminie met me – was good to be home, but lonesome. Called Phyllis. She too was lonesome.
Patricia came and cleaned my house, washed windows and vacuumed the carpet.

June 14th – My brother Bob’s birthday – he was a good brother.

July void

Aug 14th – Phyllis’s birthday – my sweet daughter.

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Sept 5, 1979 – Allied movers to give me an estimate on moving – $1,672.01.

Sept 7 – Lyon’s came to give me estimate $1,663.36.

Sept 19 – Went to dentist – no cavities again – “Lucky me”.

Sept 26 – Went to Releif Society dinner in eve.

Sept 27th – Went to Pat’s for dinner at 5:30 and to Renea’s baby shower at 7:30 PM.

Sept 29, 79 – Took a trip through the canyouns to view the fall colors – to the “Homestead” for dinner, with 43 other widows – enjoyed it only my heart acted up coming back.

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Oct 1, 1979 – I have started to pack to move to be with Phyllis. She wanted me to come. I have such mixed feelings and worry a lot and cry a lot – want to be with both of my children. Now they both say, I have to make up my own mind – as they don’t want to be responsible for me moving. I hate to give up my own home – and will never feel as independent in her home – even now since I gave Melvin my car I feel lost and have to depend on some one to take me places – they are always so busy. I hate to ask so I just stay home and cry some. I don’t really want to give my things away and leave Mel and Erminie. I feel that I am hurting Mel after he has tried to give me a home. The stairs and hills are so hard on my heart and no one realizes how much it hurts me at times.

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Oct 13, 79 – Pack – Pack – Pack – worry and crying. Chris picked up the twin bed and chest of drawers which were Mary’s – when she was here – also my wash machine and dryer.

Oct 15th – Pat took me to Standard Optical to have prescription filled, got the one lens only. I liked my own frames better than any they had.

Oct 18th – Pat’s for dinner.

Oct 19th – Took Patricia for lunch at the “Tiffin Room” at ZCMI – enjoyed being with her.

Oct 20th – Chris came and carried all my canned fruit from the basement and sealed the boxes.

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Oct 21, 1979 – Went to Church in P.M.

Oct 22nd – Mel took me to optical place at 9 AM to leave my glasses. In the P.M. my dear friend Patricia rolled my hair for me. She always goes the extra mile to do for others. Renea is still waiting for her baby.

Oct 24th – Chris and Kathy for dinner – Mel and Erminie are going also. She had such a yummy dinner. She is a good cook and housekeeper.

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Oct 28, 1979 – I baked 2 gooseberry pies. Chris came over in the P.M. for a couple of hours – after church. Mel and Erminie and Mr. Clawson stopped for pie.

Oct 29 – I got up at 5 AM, have packed a couple of boxes, it is such a job. I am afraid I am taking things we will not need – but hate to leave things. Pete called this morning. Renea is in the hospital so guess we will have a little one. Yes she did 8lb 12 oz boy – 21” and red hair. Nicholus James – Debi, Becci and I went to see him in the eve.

Oct 31st – Halloween – Renea came home. Baby is cute.

Nov 1st – Having TV fixed – packed a box. Lunch with Erminie. Dinner at Pats.

Nov 2nd – Having Mel and Erminie out to Seafood dinner.

Nov 3rd – Chris picked up washer and dryer and his lumber.

Nov 4th – Church.

Nov 5th – Movers to load.

Nov 6th – Clean and pack.

Nov 7th – 6 AM – leave for airport. Got to airport on time, had a 3 hour lay over in DC waiting for the Piedmont plane – arrived in Charlottesville at 7:10 PM. Still have mixed feelings about leaving my own home. I am afraid it will never be the same.

Nov 8th – I didn’t sleep well at nite, but slept all day until 4:30 PM with out waking. Phyllis got worried when she couldn’t get me on the phone, so came home from work. I had just gotten up.

Nov 15th – Movers came with my furniture. Almost wanted to tell them to take it back. But where? My apt was already taken. I have cried a great deal, I wish Mel had said, Mom don’t go. This isn’t going to feel like home.

Nov 18th – Had my first words with Phyllis. All the things that made my home, and I loved are being hidden away – some in the basement, some in my room in the cedar chest – just all over the house. I have made many long distant calls, haven’t anyone here to talk too. Some time Phyllis doesn’t have much to say. Some time I think that she (Page 38) wishes I hadn’t come, it’s a lonely life. I cry a lot and pray for “Heavenly Father” to help me face it all.

Dec 1, 1979 – We went grocery shopping and to Singer Sewing machine to learn how to work my machine, and to make button holes. Came home and Phyllis cleaned the den.

Dec 2, 1979 – This is Sunday morning. I hope that Phyllis will help me to hang the mirror over my dresser and my picture over my TV. I wake up with such headaches. I wish Dr Green was here or rather I was there to go and have my blood pressure checked. It was so handy in Holladay. I could walk over to his office – or to Safeway if I needed. I miss Patricia and our walks and visits – she is a super friend.

Dec 15th – Steve came by on his way home from his mission and stayed a couple of days. We enjoyed him. He is a good boy. He left Tuesday the 18th. On the 16th him and I went to Church – was nice. Monday the 17th we went to Monticello and stopped and had our dinner, (before we picked Phyllis up from work) at a unique place that use to be slave quarters. It was restored and rather nice. All the fryed chicken you could eat.

Dec 23rd – Went to Church. A lady picked me up – nothing else exciting – a nice Christmas program.

Dec 28th – Our first snow storm, ended up with 12”, it was pretty but we were snowed in.

Dec 30th – No Church – Phyllis shoveled snow from her driveway, so she could go to work Monday. Finally had to pay to finish the job, was worth it as that was too hard for her.

Dec 25th – Christmas day – Charlie and Angela and children came by for a couple hours in the PM. After that we went to Angela’s mothers place in Gordonsville for 6 PM dinner. I didn’t know anyone, so felt a little out of place as they were drinking, before dinner, and I didn’t. Anyway it was nice. In the morning Phyllis baked a turkey and I made a pumpkin desert – so we would (Page 39) have something to eat when we were at home. It ended up in 12 TV dinners afterwards. We did not put up a tree, just my little tree that Esther made for me – and some decorations. Talked to Mel and Erminie and Chris at home. Made me so homesick.

Dec 26th – The lense fell out of my glasses and broke so had to send them to Utah to have new ones made.

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